One of our most basic rights is the right to own our boundaries.  Healthy boundaries keep you safe – they protect your body, your personal space – even the groups you belong to. Setting boundaries is a crucial component of self-care – they preserve your mental health and well-being. Poor boundaries lead to resentment, anger, burnout, even trauma. Even so, many of us don’t set the boundaries we need to because we fear a loss of connection. You can learn to establish and hold your boundaries with dignity and care.  Owning them will enhance relationships that are real, and rid you of those that are dysfunctional, or even damaging. We’ll demonstrate this using Bodynamics, a somatic therapy.

In this workshop, using an evidence-based somatic method called Bodynamics, you will learn to clearly sense your boundaries through your body and hold them with dignity.

What you’ll learn:

  • Through your body, to sense a clear, concrete sense of your own boundaries.
  • To sense others’ boundaries.
  • To sense and manage what happens to your boundaries when you connect with others.
  • To make authentic contact by staying in your own experience while connecting with another.
  • To manage intense personal and social interactions more effectively.
  • To declare clearly and gently your own boundaries in both your professional and personal life.