Experience the profound impact that Bodynamic Therapy: Healing Developmental Disruptions  has on personal healing, thriving and evolution.

Learn about how the precision and efficiency of the Bodynamic approach enables therapists to circumvent subconscious defences with supportive techniques.

Analysts and Trainers of Bodynamic USA, Anne and Joel Isaacs have been working with the Bodynamic method for almost 30 years, leaders in growing it’s method’s use North America and supporting individuals to realign developmental disruptions and update old patterns to embody their best selves.
Anne Isaacs Bio & Joel Isaacs Bio

One-day-Intro Workshop:
Date & Time: Saturday Jan 25, 2020   9:30am – 5:30pm – $100 USD

Lunch: Participants will have 90min for lunch (start time is TBD by trainers during event)

Location: Providence Renewal Centre – Room# 166,  3005 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 5R5
Maximum: 25 people

Whom is this For?
Change-makers and wellness-leaders. Largely, Bodynamic workshops and courses are attended for professional development in somatic psychology, counselling therapy, physical therapy, social work, coaching, medicine and integrated body/mind/emotional wellness therapy, however, know that many of our attendees come to unleash personal potential, break through unconscious blocks towards highest performance and personal development.

Previous trainings have included somatic psychologists, counselling therapists, social workers, coaches (executive/life and sport), physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, bodyworkers, teachers, yoga instructors, athletes and people from many other backgrounds.


One-day Workshop:
This workshop will provide a broad overview of the Bodynamic system and training process with a focus on the Will Structure Stage: ages 2-4 years

We will explore various movements associated with this stage of development; illustrate how the muscles involved hold resources necessary for the resolution of therapeutic issues; and demonstrate through live sessions, how the Bodynamic method can help resolve the Will Structure disruptions. Problems originating from this stage of development include:

  • Feeling overly responsible
  • Blaming others
  • Being stuck in a victim role
  • Problems with planning
  • Fear of your own power

About Bodynamics:
Bodynamics is a precise, practical and supportive approach to working with the body to make other somatic and verbal modalities more efficient and effective. This somatic therapy enables the practitioner to make precise interventions related to the developmental origins of their clients’ current problems.

Based on a wealth of empirical research the Bodynamic model describes how developmental disruptions are encoded in both mind and body. Bodynamic trainees learn to use specific muscles to build somatic resources in a highly precise and targeted manner. This precision aids clients to sense new psychological competencies, resolve issues sooner, and integrate these changes directly into their lives.

Learning the Bodynamic method sensitizes participants to the themes of developmental stages around which relationships and psychological development take place. Building relationships with clients around these themes can greatly facilitate practitioners’ ability to work through attachment disruptions.


Event Coordinator, Website & Online Registration Support: Jonathan Zerbin
Phone# 1 (780) 708-3604
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Venue Website:

3005 119 St NW, Room# 166, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6J 5R5

  • January 25, 2020
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm