There are two levels of training offered by the U.S. Bodynamic Institute:

Healing Developmental Disruptions 

This 17 day training is suitable for professionals who work with people. Students will achieve a greater knowledge of the interaction between psychological, social, emotional, and sensory development. Previous trainings have included somatic psychologists, counselling therapists, physicians, teachers, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists,coaches and business personnel seeking a  deeper understanding of healthy human development and its application to people's lives.

Bodynamic training class

Currently scheduled training

Deepening your skills

In line with our current emphasis on helping trainees to immediately bring Bodynamics into their own practice, we are offering several extended weekend trainings that will aid this process. These trainings will focus on specific abilities like grounding, centering, support and self-support, connectedness, cognitive skills, and others. In Bodynamics these are called ego functions. (See Body Encyclopedia.), These trainings will also include demonstration sessions, supervised practice session, case studies, and more. Trainings can also be designed to meet the specific needs of a group.

CEU credits can be received for these trainings.

Graduate academic credit can be received for the Resolving Developmental Disruptions training from:

Meridian University ( )

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