Bodynamics is about helping restore dignity in order to be in mutual connection with full authenticity. It’s about establishing healthy mutual connection with another and most importantly with the self.

What makes Bodynamics unique in our approach is our use of the latest research in neurodevelopmental phases and attachment to address disruptions in healthy connection. Using this advanced knowledge we can precisely meet people where they need it the most, helping restore a person to their full potential for deep fully embodied meaningful contact with themselves, others and the world.

If love is affirmation, we seek to affirm the sometimes lost, forgotten and repressed aspects of the self, so that a person may come fully into their body integrating the mental and the physical to live more fully in the present moment in their point of personal power.

Upcoming 17-day Training’s – Healing Developmental Disruptions

San Francisco Bay Area

October 20-24, 2016
January 13-16, 2017
April 21-24, 2017
July 14-17, 2017


March 2-6, 2017
June 2-5, 2017
September 15-18, 2017
December 1-4, 2017

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